A house with potential

Exactly eight years ago, my partner bought a great family home with a beautiful garden and a double detached garage. The place is very outdated and many people who like modern styles would have never touched this place but he looked at it as a project with huge potential. And he is right. I completely agree with him.

I moved in five years ago which is also around the time he had finally made up his mind about what to do with the place, meaning tearing it apart and doing a complete DIY on it. Let’s start with what the house was like when he bought it.


The listing displayed the house as very clean and nicely decorated.

2. snickers room
This particular room is considered a reception room. As you can see, the previous owners decorated it in the form of a lounge which I think suits it very well.
3. Loung
This is the family lounge and living space. It situates an old-fashioned fireplace with a very rustic couch combined with a modern console table for the TV.
4. Dining room
The big swing doors displayed in the living room photo open up into this spacious room used as the dining room. Patio sliding doors are included leading onto a big decking under a gazebo, making it enjoyable all year round.
5. Kitchen
This is the kitchen accessible from both the hallway and the dining room. The cream colour gives it a warm feel, making cooking less of a chore.
6 Utility room
This utility room is adjoining to the kitchen. The cream colour scheme continues, giving the design a continuous feel. This room has plenty of space for a washing machine, dryer, but also a dishwasher. Storage is also provided by three very spacious cupboards.

We have added our own touch to the property and changed the decoration so the space is livable while the house is being renovated.

This floor plan shows the way our home looks right now, complete with our own furniture and some renovations already started. The reception room houses a treadmill but is also dedicated to our pet (Squirrel – name: Snickers). This way I have a semi-home gym and our pet can play freely in his own space.

The wall separating the Living room and the dining room has been knocked out already. My partner checked if it was supporting the home and once he realised it wasn’t, the structure was gone within an hour. This has already created a much bigger open space, making it feel lighter. Also, the outdated fireplace is gone, being replaced by an electric one with a flat screen TV hanging above it. The dining room houses similar furniture as displayed in the listing photos, including an oak dining table with black leather chairs and a couple of shelves for storage.

The kitchen has not changed much at all but there are plans to rip the whole thing out and have a complete change. The only thing that changed is the dishwasher being in the kitchen instead of the utility room which now houses 2 washing machines and one dryer. As you can see, we also have a toilet downstairs which will also be changed. Currently, we use this small space as storage for building materials but also cleaning products and cleaning machinery.


7. Master bedroom
On the Upstairs, four bedrooms can be found including a master suite with an ensuite bathroom. This big space even has a walking wardrobe. It is not the kind seen in movies or penthouses but it is a walk in. In addition, a conventional wardrobe has been put in. The previous owners styled the decor with further cabinets above a white metal frame double bed and two bedside tables.
8. Master bedroom
left: walk in ; right: conventional
9. small bathroom
12. spare bedroom
This is the second room on the upstairs which was used as a spare bedroom and an office by the previous owners.
11. office
The previous owners used this room for one of their kids, giving them a spacious room with a view on the garden and the garage.
This is the fourth and last bedroom located on the upstairs. It appears to have been a spare bedroom for guests and visitors.

I don’t have a listing photo for the family bathroom but it is embedded in my floor plan below.

As you can see, we have changed the interior for the different rooms found on the upstairs of the house. The room which has been used for one of the kids is now a fully functional office. This space is mainly used by my partner to get his work done and to set up his gaming space.

The red couch clearly displayed in the middle of a room in the floor plan is subject to our home cinema plans. The spacious space you can see, is being changed drastically to sheer disbelief of some people.

I am happy to announce that we have two bedrooms left. The master is being used by us, I mean who would miss up a walk in wardrobe, right? In addition to that, I am ecstatic that we do not have a metal frame bed situated in the bedroom because I can not stand that piece of furniture. Instead, we removed the additional storage above the sleeping space and created an open and airy space, decorated with dark oak effect furniture, complimenting the room.

I am a bathroom hogger, meaning the two separate bathrooms are a life-saver. I enjoy the small space in the en-suite, providing me with everything I need for my daily routine. My partner uses the bigger family bathroom, giving him more room to move and space from me.

The only other bedroom we have at the moment has got a bed and a wardrobe but it is all tipped up and pushed to one side right now in order to make space for all the speakers, ready for the future home cinema room.

Everything might sound and seem like a lot and probably very confusing but once the property is finished it will look fabulous and like something never seen before. We do live on a building site and it can be very aggravating at times but also exhausting. I do believe that doing everything ourselves with very little or no help of builders will give us a feeling of accomplishment but it also allows us to save a lot of money on renovations.

I will create a post with a detailed floor plan of what the property is supposed to  look like once it is finished but I will also post regular updates on the progress on my social media platforms.




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