Why you should introduce Whey Protein into your Diet

I was always very apprehensive about trying out Whey Protein in my Diet for weight loss and fat burn. My partner has had some great effects of drinking protein shakes before going to bed, so I decided to try it.

I am a breakfast skipper and mostly rely on meal replacement shakes. These are amazing to keep me full for when I am on the go and have a busy day. Cute have got some great tasting shakes, such as the white chocolate and raspberry flavour, which is my absolute favourite.

How have meal replacement shakes helped my Diet?

When I have to go in to University or go to work, I usually get up very early and these shakes just save me. They are delicious but keep me full for a very long time which allows me to focus on my task at hand without thinking about food or feeling hungry. In addition to this, I can have chocolate in my diet guilt free.

Why did I decide to integrate Whey Protein into my Lifestyle?

Cole has seen such great results by drinking Whey Protein before going to bed so I looked into the benefits:

  • excellent high quality protein
  • promotes muscle growth
  • lowers blood pressure
  • help reduce inflammation
  • promotes fat burn while exercising

I was afraid of bulking up instead of losing weight but I figured out that if I dink a Whey shake after getting up in the morning on days I plan on working out, I am more likely to get a lean figure. In addition I add some fruit and do a workout shortly after. I can feel my muscles activating quicker and my body working harder.

After a week on my new Diet I already feel better, more energised, but also more relaxed. My muscles feel more activated, ready for movement and exercise.

What Whey Protein am I recommending?

I recommend the Gold standard 100% Whey protein from Optimum Nutrition. They have amazing flavours such as Vanilla Ice Cream, but also chocolate and Hazelnut which I swear by.

This Brand is used by many Athletes and Body Builders, but has also massively helped us with weight reduction and muscle building. The different flavours also make this particular brand stand out as it doesn’t taste artificial.

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