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Relationships are beautiful and something everyone should experience. Being very close to one special person to feel safe but also to talk to about everything is something so special it is difficult to find. I have found that special someone I could not imagine a life without. He is so important to me and I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love my partner. This inspired me to share my story about how we got together but also the life we are living and our secret of a happy relationship.

Our relationship could be described as unusual due to the 22 year age gap between us but we see this as just a number. The age gap doesn’t bother either of us and we don’t feel it at all. The perfect balance of immaturity and maturity that is consistent within our relationship gives us the perfect harmony needed in a good partnership. 

Who pursued who?

There was no pursuing as such but we had chemistry. His gorgeous blue eyes have always been appealing to me in a special kind of way which contributed to me liking him a lot from the start.

He said that the one thing which made me seem attractive to him was my personality. I am naturally very caring which portraits a nurturing character, making the people around me feel looked after and safe. He tells me that my eyes and smile drew him closer to me, making him fall for me.

How the Relationship started:

I have to admit, it was completely unexpected. We have always cared for one another on a friendship level but never ever thought that a relationship would develop from the bond that we had.

He took me on a trip in his camper to the countryside (in Hawes situated in the Yorkshire Moors) which we both absolutely adore. The fresh air revitalises and makes me feel reborn. It was the perfect getaway.

One night we went for a great meal out at a local pub and something felt different. I couldn’t explain it but he seemed closer and so much happier with me which lifted my mood and spirit straight away. This was followed by watching a movie in the Camper with some cuddling which never happened before. I just knew something was different but in a very good way. The same night we both didn’t seem to be able to sleep which made him pull me into his bed, holding me closely wrapped in his strong, muscular arms. I felt safe and so calm like never before. That moment could be described as magical. We were both very tired but that did not stop our lips from touching evolving into a passionate kiss again and again. A thousand thoughts went through my mind and butterflies were all over my stomach. I was happy but so scared at the same time.

Eventually we must have fallen asleep but I have to admit, I was not sure if the kiss was a dream or reality. It felt like a very blurry line between the two. The situation was scary for both of us and completely new. Neither of has ever been involved in something like this before. This was a major reason for him to kind of take a step back and let me approach him.

There were so many aspects which predicted that this relationship could never work or develop into something very serious but I could not stay away from him. Being kissed by him felt and still feels like thousands of fireworks are going off in my stomach, making this the best feeling I have ever experienced in my entire life. 

The life we are living now:

We are now five years into the relationship and we are stronger than ever. Our amazing home is slowly being torn apart to turn it into something bigger and better. The plans for our home can be viewed on the post ‘A House with Potential‘ and ‘Design done right’ (->uploaded soon!). These plans will ensure a family home which we always wanted but also perfect for raising our future children.

Travelling is also something we absolutely adore. With the Camper, it is very easy for us to travel the country, allowing us to take a little piece of home with us every time. We tend to go to Austria once a year to visit my family but other than that, going abroad is something we would like to start doing more in the future. Our favourite part in the world is the west coast of Scotland. This is somewhere we tend to go to at least twice a year.

We are always talking about having a family and what kind of names we would give our children, but also how we would want to decorate the nursery. I personally would like to be a young mother and have a better bond with my children.

A wedding will also be in our future. This is something that is always on my mind and I absolutely dream of for our relationship. Saying ‘I do’ and exchanging our vowels seems absolutely magical to me and something we both want for us. We would like to sign the papers at the registry office in a very intimate way with just the two of us present. A big wedding is nice with all your family and friends but we both prefer to have a blessing with everybody after signing the papers instead of going all out the first time.

Our secret to a happy and healthy Relationship:

We are generally working a lot, which could either consist of DIY jobs on the house or running his company or me working as a carer in a care home. We are always busy and have very little time to just lay back and relax, but when we do, we make the most of our time together. On special occasions, such as Birthdays or holidays, we try to revisit places which mean a lot to us, spend the whole day in bed, or have a day watching our favourite movies. This might seem like a regular activity to most couples but if somebody is as busy as us, these times spent together mean so much and are that bit more special.

Eveyr Job that is being done on the house, we do ourselves. My partner is great with building things and figuring things out ehnce he decided to take on this massive project and make it his goal to achieve something we can both be proud of. I can’t help with much because I am really not a builder but I am still there for him and give him company or help him with small things I can actually do. This is another way to spend time together but build our dreamhome as a couple, while having fun on the Job.

I make it my daily goal to tell him I love him as often as I can. When I get up, I tell him he means the world to me. Every time I leave the house, I kiss him and tell him how much he means to me. Before I go to bed he gets a kiss and an I love you. When he makes me laugh, I make sure he knows how much he means to me. Our messages are filled with emojis to again emphathise our feelings for one another. It might seem excessive to many people but this is something that is important to both of us to go the extra mile and feel loved.

Arguments can occur in every relationship and it does happen to us too. Despite every effort of avoiding little, petty arguments, they do happen. We always try to calm down and talk it out in a calm and orderly manner to avoid shouting but also to show that we both care and want our differences resolved. I always aim to go to bed happy and in a good mood to contribute to a good night’s sleep but also a healthy communication in the bedroom.

To me, we are the perfect couple. He means the absolute world to me and I honestly could not go a day without him. We are happy and thrive to build the life and home we both dream of and want for each other but also our future family. In my opinion, a healthy and happy relationship is built on Honesty, Commitment and Trust and we have all of those qualities. I would not have my life any other way!

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