Egg Fried Aubergine

Aubergine is often also referred to as Eggplant. It is thought to be a vegetable which is a common misconception because it really is a fruit, a berry to be exact. This fruit is native to South-East Asia but can be and is grown all over the world, making it accessible all year round.

Aubergine is full of Vitamins, Minerals and dietary fibre, with the huge potential to lower cholesterol and help manage weight. The fruit is rich in antioxidants especially nasumin found in the aubergine skin, giving it its purple colour. This has been found to protect the lipids, also known as fat cells, in brain cell membrane, contributing to healthy brain function. It has also been found to move excess iron which is an essential nutrient for transporting oxygen in the blood, immune support and collagen synthesis.

The Preparation of the Aubergine is fairly easy. In order to avoid discolouration, it is best to be cut just before it is being cooked. Slicing is necessary and a little bit of salt should be applied to each side in order to avoid the fat being soaked up into the fruit completely. 


Aubergine, Salt, Eggs, Flour


  1. Cut the fruit into slices and put a little salt on each side
  2. Dip into the egg followed by the flour
  3. Fry for roughly 2 minutes on each side or until slightly brown
  4. Enjoy!

Tip! : This recipe can be enjoyed hot or cold. If you want to spice it up a little, a creamy tomato sauce can be added as either a dip or a sauce. Cheese can also be melted between two slices of egg fried Aubergine and then enjoyed with a creamy tomato sauce.

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Egg Fried Aubergine
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