10 Reasons You should go Camping

Since moving to the UK, we have been travelling all over the country. I love travelling but it can be exhausting and feel a little bit impersonal at times. This is why Camping is so much better than staying in random B&B’s or Hotels.

1. Better Way to enjoy Nature

When going Camping, it is so much easier to enjoy nature and be outside a lot more. In my opinion, this gives a huge boost of energy but also motivation to be more productive, despite being on holiday. We own a Motor home, which is a lot more comfortable than a tent, but at the end of the day, if I want a shower, I often still have to walk to the on-site facilities in order to save water in our water tank. This short walk across the camp-site makes a huge difference to how I am starting my day.

2. There is accommodation for everyone

I totally understand that many people hear the word Camping and flip or panic because it gives them a really cringe feeling. I used to be like this due to some really bad memories from my past, but since being with my partner, he has shown me this whole other world of Camping. A Motorhome is really expensive to buy, I totally get that, but …… there is always the opportunity to rent one for the duration of the holiday. Some even come with a package deal of different camp sites and you get a fixed price, have your own kitchen, dining area, sleeping area and bathroom. It is like a mini home on wheels. Caravans even let you take your own car, by towing your temporary mobile home to the destination of your choice.

Another way of enjoying nature could be to just take your car, packed with a tent, sleeping bag or even bedding with a camping mattress. This makes the experience a bit more pleasant and it is definitely the cheapest way to holiday. Many camp sites have tent pitches equipped with waterproof sockets, picnic areas and often even a mini bbq. Also, these are usually quite close to the on-site facilities so it isn’t too far to the toilets or showers.

The most modern way and most glamorous way of Camping is definitely something known as Glamping, which is short for ‘glamorous Camping’. Yurts are the most popular choice. People with huge land on their property in the countryside even do private bookings giving you a more personal and friendly feel as well. Cleaning is included in the deal. Many even have a small porch equipped with patio furniture, bbq area and outdoor kitchen. Glamping can also be enjoyed in a static caravan, giving you like a mini flat, often accommodating up to eight people. This is more popular for families who are looking for an outdoor experience while having it more comfortable with kids.

4. It is cheaper

Holidays can be so expensive and many save up for over a year so they can afford a little getaway for a week. Camping is definitely a cheaper option compared to hotels and b&b’s. The price for the stay on a camp-site for a week is only around £180. This is the kind of money you would spend per night in a hotel. In addition, some caravan and motor home rental places offer deals from as little as £30/day. If you do the maths, you could go on holiday for three times longer than if you would be paying for a hotel.

5. You can be more spontaneous and have more freedom

When we go abroad, we always stay in a hotel which doesn’t give us much room to be spontaneous. If you want to cancel a night or book an additional one, they often charge you an administration fee or they are completely booked up and you have to hunt for another hotel which is just as good and as clean. You definitely won’t have this problem when going Camping. We always book our stays ahead and plan our trip, but we also often decide to either stay an extra day or change our plans completely and head a different direction. There are many different options for us in this situation due to the Caravan and Motorhome Club that allows members from all over to join, making it a lot more flexible and friendly for everyone. This allows us to book sites up to 6 months in advance and go abroad, but the best thing is ….. we pay upon arrival. They even allow non-members to take advantage of their system with just a slightly higher price of about £3 / night plus an administration fee of about £5. This can make your holiday more flexible, but also give you some piece of mind, knowing you won’t be sleeping at the side of the road or in a dirty b&b.

6. You are not limited to what you take along

We are always packed up. I am not joking, our Camper and the tow car ,we are towing behind, is always full of things we take along on our holiday. Just to name a few things, we take a mini gas/infrared bbq, chairs, table, car fridge, our bags, laptop bags, camera bags and much more. This is not a problem though because once we get to our destination and we are settled, we can actually leave some of our things such as table, chairs and the car fridge outside. It is so safe, nobody will steal anything. I found this so relaxing because it clears up our space but at the same time gives us a nice outdoor area too.

7. You don’t have to worry about your pets

You don’t have to worry about your pets because they will definitely be allowed to be your travel companion. We take Snickers along all the time and nobody ever says anything. There are also usually many dogs and even cats that come on holiday with their owners.

Another thing dog owners will absolutely love is that many Camp-sites make sure that there is somewhere for them to go on a walk on so there is often a path at the back of the site leading onto a field or a hiking trail. This makes a walk a lot more pleasant while giving your fury friend new mixture of smells to get excited about but also new experiences, especially if you live in a city.

8. More time to be active

Many people use a holiday as an excuse to give up their routine of being active and exercising but this does not have to be the case. A little bit of LISS training can be easily integrated when staying on a camp-site with lots of opportunities to go for a walk or a hike. Also, some floor workouts can be incorporated outside under the clear blue sky. This will give you more energy and you feel like you have accomplished something and have not given up.

9. Not limited to eating out all the time

When staying in your own Motor home / Caravan or even a Glamping Yurt or static Caravan, you have your own kitchen, virtually next to your bed. This gives you the opportunity to carry on with your balanced and healthy eating routine. You can continue making your healthy breakfasts, even treat yourself and cook some eggs or fry some bacon first thing in the morning. Also, a fully stocked fridge is available for you to choose from, giving you the ability to make a salad or cook a balanced dinner. This is often a great alternative to eating out and getting a take away almost constantly on holiday.

We like to eat out but over the last year when we have been away for a short weekend, we preferred to carry on cooking ourselves in order to prepare healthier meals but also eat whenever we want. Eating out can be a nice treat from time to time but it is also really nice to have the opportunity to prepare your own meals whenever you desire.

10. Possibility to do laundry

I know, doing laundry might not be something anyone is thinking about when being on holiday, but accidents happen, especially when you have kids. It is often difficult to know how much to pack, considering you never know what happens and then there is often no way to do laundry.

If you are an active person, it might be of advantage to be able to give your clothes a wash, especially if you are sweating all day. This way, you don’t have to keep wearing your dirty clothes and can give them a quick wash and dry before putting them back in your suitcase.

Also, with kids, it is always handy to know that you can wash their clothing if they get muddy or spill something on themselves which they always do. Camp-sites always have laundry facilities on-site and wash powder to buy at reception. The washing machine and dryer have a combined cost of about £4 to do one load of washing. We have used these facilities a few times on an extended holiday of about 3 weeks or if we ran out of clean towels. It has been a life saver at times.

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